Up to 99% of success at the elite level is psychological. If you're putting it all
on the line you have to be right in your mind - CHAMPION by design™.
Fully tested... WORLD CHAMPION approved.


What is being at your total best in the next competition worth to you?


This mental toughness and performance enhancement program brings you the powerful gains you want without adding extra time and workload to your busy schedule.

CHAMPION By Design will help you tap:

  • Peak performance
  • Monster toughness
  • Confidence boost
  • Motivation increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Recovery improvement
  • Get the edge

Being your best is easy with Champion By Design. This is a one of a kind system to access your full human potential.

"The unexplored frontier of all sports...
the mind is a final factor in victory
no matter what. The untapped resource
of athletes is the mental game and
CHAMPION By Design addresses that
better than anything I've ever seen."

-America's Coach Bobby Douglas

2X Olympian, World Silver & Bronze Medalist,
NCAA Championship Team Coach, Author of
six books, including the commissioned
International Curriculum of Wrestling
(More about Bobby Douglas CLICK HERE)

Be your best at your most important coming competition and fine tune your plan. Results can begin nearly immediately. Because you put it all on the line you have to be right in your mind. Get the edge to stay on top or get on top today! Be Champion By Design.

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When you have pushed your body to its limit the only thing that can get you your goal is to train smarter, not harder. CHAMPION by design™ places the psychology of the champion in the palm of your hand. When you are putting it all on the line you have to be right in your mind. CHAMPION by design™ is all there is to it.
  • Your next great breakthrough will come from a breakthrough in your thinking.

  • Your body follows the script of your mind.

  • CHAMPION by design™ puts the power to breakthrough in the palm of your hand.

You are more Potential than you are actuality. CHAMPION by design can help you access your full human potential. You can tap unlimited powers within you by design. You have been preparing yourself for success for so long. You have sacrificed enough and deserve success on your terms. Your time is now!

...you are going to have so much more success. Stephen Neal

Fascinating tools. - Robert Wolfson, Ph.D., M.D.

This is a great time to start a CHAMPION by design™ training program. We have great new and updated packages to choose from. Special pre-season pricing and family packages are available. CHAMPION by design™ can be used by anyone to access their personal power and harness their full human potential. Don't settle for less than you can be, design your life into the masterpiece it deserves to be.

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YOUR PERSONAL REVOLUTION: When your commitment to success is as great as your need to breathe you will be successful. This is an essential lesson of life. Who needs CHAMPION by design™? You do ...if you have a commitment to being all you can really be. Successful people are successful because they think and behave in a certain way. Success leaves clues.

ABOUT CBD™: CHAMPION by design™ is the result of nearly two decades of research, development, testing and proving (using the scientific method) powerful technologies for enabling the unlimited human potential in you. Being a champion means success on your terms and in your way. CBD™ bridges the gap between your passionate dreams of outstanding achievement and your ability to convert those dreams into reality - SUCCESS by design™



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